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Training Plans

Training Plans

What makes our Training Plans different?

  • Improve performance efficiently without overtraining

  • Guidance on how to alter plan for additional races or extra recovery

  • A variety of workouts to keep you motivated and challenged

  • Hard days are hard, easy days are easy

  • No overly complicated, unnecessarily hard  workouts…just well thought out, appropriately hard workouts

  • Strength Training tailored to endurance athletes with elements that focus on both improving performance and reducing injury risk

  • Guidance on how to blend strength training into your endurance training for optimal results

  • We have affordable plans for many different endurance sports and experience levels so you can find something that suits you perfectly for every race/event on your calendar and every part of your endurance journey.

Why we use TrainingPeaks(TM)?

  • Plans include a Basic Training Peaks account for FREE

  • Plans can be added into your Training Calendar

  • Workouts can be downloaded to your devices and indoor training platforms

How to plan your year?

  • Work backwards from you first "A" Priority Race/Event of the year and insert:

    • 2 Weeks Completely Off​

    • 4 Weeks Off-Season Transition Phase (Unstructured Endurance + Basic Strength Training)

    • 12 Week Base Phase

    • 12 Week Build Phase (16wks for Marathon/Ironman)

  • After first "A" Priority Race/Event, insert:

    • 1-4 Weeks In-Season Transition Phase​ (Unstructured Endurance + Strength Training)

    • 8 or 12 Week Build Phase leading into next "A" Priority Race/Event (16wks for Marathon/Ironman)

  • Repeat for 2-4 "Peaks" for "A" Priority Races/Events throughout the year.​

  • For examples of how to do this, download PDF here:

How to find the right plan for you?

  • Go to the chart below for your sport

  • Find the Race/Event your training for

  • Determine:

    • What training phase you're in? (See above)

    • How many weeks you want your plan to be?

    • Do you want a Strength Training plan included (Recommended)

  • Scroll to the column for your experience level (Beginner, intermediate, etc.)

  • Click "See Plan"

  • Enjoy!

For a complete list of our Training Plans click here.

Endurance Plan Pricing

8 Week Plan
(Endurance Only)
12-16 Week Plan
(Endurance Only)
8 Week Plan +
Strength Training
12-16 Week Plan +
Strength Training
Cycling Plans
Running Training Plans
Triathon Training Plans
Duathon Trainig Plas

Strength Training Plan Pricing

Strength Traiing Plas
4 Week Transition Plan
8 Week Build Plan
12 Week Base or Build Plan
16 Week Build Plan
Training Zone Calculators

Training Zone Calculators (Free!)

Nutrition Guide (Coming Soon...)

Nutrition Guide

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Neal Best Bike.JPG

I have spent countless hours researching how to set up a cycling training program, to no prevail. The more I read, the more I honestly got confused in what to do. After many countless hours searching I turned to my friend and Endurance Strong founder, David Kell. I said to myself "With all his education and experience he must know what he's talking about." Also, the cost of the training plans is perfect for a single income household. Dave gave me a lot of great coaching and valuable advice through the years and when he started Endurance Strong, I spotted the long hilly race training plan on his site and it seemed perfect for me and my main event coming up in June. So, with Dave’s guidance, I got to work starting Jan 1st to get my base fitness up as much as possible before starting the 12 week plan. Timing was perfect because I got a solid base in the legs before the 12wk plan started. I started Week 1 of the training plan knowing I had a “C” priority race on the first Saturday. While being prone to cramping in longer endurance events especially ones with hills, I was still a little nervous at the start line. Fast forward 2+ hours later, I found myself leading the race with only a few hundred meters to go. No, I didn't win but the ability to be at the end of a 50+ mile race with the pack was a win in my book based off many years of poor results and having only just base training in my legs. Over the rest of the training plan I was consistently challenged but never felt like I was pushed too far. Everything felt “appropriately challenging” as Dave likes to say, as I felt the intensity but I was always well prepared for it. Finally, the race I was working towards arrived. It was a stage race consisting of a long hilly stage race and uphill time trial on Saturday and a Criterium on Sunday. As I mentioned the long hilly race was my biggest concern, but I was well prepared. I stayed with the pack up every hill and late into the race. Then I had an ill-timed mechanical and would never be able to catch back on. I was able to finish strong though and I shifted my focus to the time trial which, despite being heavier than most of my competitors, I held my own on the up-hill course beating many of them. Then the Sunday Crit came, and I felt superhuman, finishing 7thand continuing to feel the fitness I gained during my training plan. I continued to podium week after week during the Nashville Crit Series all summer long and felt my fitness peak like never before. I couldn't have done it without the expertise and motivation of Dave and Endurance Strong. I highly recommend considering Endurance Strong as your source for all things training related!

Neal C.

When I met Dave I hadn't even run a 5K.  By the end of our time together I had run two half marathons and had established a firm love of running.  He taught me the importance of a slow run truly being slow and how to properly train - some days are slow runs, some days are intervals, some days are recovery.  If I experienced some pain in my ankle or knee along the way, he always knew the right stretches and exercises to help fix them. Properly training helped me be able to run the half marathon which was my goal.

Caitlin K.


After a severe IT Band injury, I was hesitant and dismayed by my inability to run Half-Marathons. It wasn't until I linked up with Endurance Strong, nearly two years after my injury, that I hoped I could compete again. David Kell, the company's founder, was my trainer. He single handedly brought me back to the sport. David's holistic approach to running was a game changer. We started with strengthening my IT Band and instilling pre-running strategies to minimize injury. With Endurance Strong I felt I understood my body more, it's strengths and weaknesses. David was not only my trainer, but teacher... and he helped me to become a smarter athlete. After months of working together I was prepared and returned for my first Half-Marathon post injury. Astonishing, I was 32 years old at the time and broke my personal record that was set at the age of 25. I felt strong and confident, but this time around I was far more educated about myself as an athlete. 

Joe L.

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