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Endurance Strong is committed to helping maximize the benefit endurance sports has on our society.


Competition against yourself and others is a large part of endurance sports. Other benefits though, include staying physically and mentally healthy, having an accessible form of physical activity for those who are not active, and raising awareness and funds through charitable endurance events. Embracing these other benefits, Endurance Strong strives to make a positive impact on society in the following ways:

- Lower overuse injury risk, severity and recovery time in a population highly susceptible to injury

- Help injured endurance athletes cope with depression and other mental illness linked to inability to take part in the activity they love.

- Create and Support new endurance athletes by providing opportunities, motivation and knowledge of how to train properly and safely

- Support endurance events that raise awareness and funds for charitable causes.


One key way you may have noticed that Endurance Strong plans to have a positive social impact, is by donating 10% of net profits to charity. What unties our community of endurance athletes is our love for endurance sports, being physically active, and the positive result that has had on our lives. Many of us have found endurance sports later in life as an "Adult Onset Sport" when we decided other sports were no longer an option or we needed a simple activity to stay in shape or wanted to tackle a new goal. However we wound up here, it has likely come with a positive benefit for our physical and mental health. Helping others experience these benefits is what Endurance Strong would like to target with its charitable donations. Each year Endurance Strong will choose a charity aimed at getting people physically active.


This mission has alway been a personal passion of Endurance Strong's founder, but is also an extremely important cause, as a lack of sufficient physical activity is a risk factor for nearly every chronic disease. Making an impact here can easily snowball into a much greater social impact of not only extending lives but improving quality of lives. On an individual level, anyone we can help get involved in endurance sports gets to feel the same fun, excitement, challenge, accomplishment and much more that we do!

The charity Endurance Strong is pledging to donate to in 2021 is...coming soon!

Active People, Healthy Nation (SM)











Endurance Strong is an Organizational Supporter of Active People, Healthy Nation (SM) which is a national initiative to help 27 million Americans become more physically active by 2027. This initiative promotes effective strategies recommended by the Community Preventive Services Task Force to improve physical activity. CDC, in collaboration with state, community, and national partners, promotes these proven strategies through Active People, Healthy Nation to ensure that all Americans have access to safe and accessible places for physical activity. 

They are taking on this initiative based on the fact that increased physical activity can improve health by reducing the risk of at least 20 chronic diseases and conditions and providing effective treatment for many of these conditions. Other potential benefits include better school performance, better quality of life, reduced health care costs, and improved military readiness. Building active and walkable communities can help support local economies, result in less air pollution, and create more cohesive communities.

Endurance Strong is an organization that has a social mission in line with the Active People, Healthy Nation (SM) initiative and is proud to support it. For more information on the initiative and for ideas on how to help make this possible please click here.


Stay tuned for more details on what Endurance Strong is doing and how you can be a part of it!

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*10% of all Endurance Strong LLC's net profits at the end of each calendar year will be donated to charity. Find out more here.