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This is a training plan created by Endurance Strong is designed to prepare an advanced cyclist for a Long Hilly Road Race or Event. On Non-Recovery Weeks this plan ranges from 14-15hrs/wk and 725-900 TSS/wk and is suitable for a Cat 1, 2 or experienced Cat 3 racers and advanced cyclists preparing for a 3-5hr or longer hilly road race or event. Recommended minimum starting fitness would be a CTL in the 80's, which a previous Endurance Strong Advanced Race Training Plan should have you at. It is recommended that for the first “A” priority race of the year you do a full 12wk Base Phase and a 12wk Build Phase to reach maximum potential, and use this 8wk Build Phase plan for subsequent “A” races. But if you have limited time until your race or have a good base of fitness already, this plan is sure to do the trick. This plan generally follows the sequence of: 


- Monday - Off

- Tuesday - Intervals

- Wednesday - Shorter Endurance and Strength Training

- Thursday - Tempo / Sweet Spot

- Friday - Active Recovery

- Saturday - Various Intervals and Hills and Strength Training

- Sunday - Longer Endurance Ride


Training Peaks version available here for $10 upcharge.

- Allows transfer to cycling computers, watches and indoor training platforms.

- Includes Basic Training Peaks account where you can adjust training plan workouts in calendar.


Cycling - Long Hilly Race / Event - Advanced - 8wks

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