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Endurance Strong has the training plans, informative content and gear that endurance athletes need to train optimally with a focus on how to properly blend endurance and strength training to enhance performance as well as prevent and recover from injury. Designed for everyone from seasoned racers looking to get Faster to beginners trying to go Further to anyone looking to enjoy their sport Forever.

Endurance Strong in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Get To Know Us:
Learn more about Endurance Strong here, learn where it hopes to go here, meet our founder here, and find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Feel free to join the Endurance Strong community by sharing your training, motivation, inspiration, questions, comments, jokes, etc.

2. Start with a Training Plan.
Choose from a growing list of plans covering different endurance disciplines and ability levels. Plans all utilize Training Peaks and can be exported to your Garmin, Wahoo, Zwift account, etc. Plans come with guides on making adjustments if needed (as a personal coach would) and optimal nutrition before, during and after workouts. Strength training plans with instructions, pictures and videos are also available, either integrated into the endurance plan or separately. 10% of profits are donated to Charity!* Find out more here.

3. Learn With Us:
Watch our Videos, Listen to our Podcast, and Read our Blog covering Endurance and Strength Training topics, Scientific Article Reviews, Product Recommendations, Interviews, and more. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills to become your own coach. Don't worry you won't have to write your own training plans (see step 2).

4. Buy Some Gear
Find something to train, race, or sit on the couch in. Our T-shirts and other apparel are meant to motivate and/or amuse you the Endurance Strong way. Our Team Gear is a collection of high quality items to maximize your performance, comfort and style while you train or at your next race or event. 10% of profits are donated to Charity!* Start shopping here.

5. Help Us Make A Social Impact
While helping you get faster, go further and enjoy your sport forever is a tagline of ours, what further sets Endurance Strong apart from other Training and Coaching sites is our dedication to a positive social impact. First, 10% of profits are donated to charity* (have you seen that before?...we're not kidding)! Endurance Strong also aims to lower injury rates, bolster physical and mental health, increase physical activity rates of the sedentary, and support endurance events that raise awareness and funds for charitable causes. Please help us do what we are doing and share what you are doing to use endurance activities to make the world a better place!

Bonus Step - Contact us here with any questions, comments, concerns, jokes, etc.

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David Kell PTA, MS, MPH, CSCS, USAT-1
Founder & Head Coach

David is a Physical Therapist Assistant with an Advanced Proficiency designation in Orthopedics, Endurance Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Personal Trainer, and a competitive Endurance Athlete with a focus in Duathlon who holds dual Masters Degrees. Learn more about him here.

Mission Statement

To provide the resources for current Endurance Athletes to achieve their goals most efficiently and stay or get healthy, and to help create a healthier society through creation and support of new Endurance Athletes.

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*10% of all Endurance Strong LLC's net profits at the end of each calendar year will be donated to a TBD charity.